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CPV Lab Pro Campaign Tracker

How does CPV Lab Pro improve your marketing?

CPV Lab Pro - Track & Optimize Everything

Track & Optimize Everything

Track, Test and Optimize campaigns across multiple traffic sources with full "On-the-Fly" control and Virtually Unlimited Flexibility.
Campaign setups that can be easily adjusted based on previous results and findings.

CPV Lab Pro - Heavy Traffic Ready

Heavy Traffic Ready

Customizable Performance Enhancements for High-Traffic Users, Responsive Stats Interface and UltraFast Redirects during Peak Usage. Dedicated module with optimizations included for instances with heavy traffic.

CPV Lab Pro - Easy to Use & Integrate

Easy to Use & Integrate

To setup CPV Lab Pro you don't need to be a programmer. The setup is so simple that you can easily enjoy all of CPV Lab Pro functionalities. You can setup your first campaign in just a few minutes.

CPV Lab Pro - Self-Hosted & Secure Tracker

Self-Hosted & Secure

CPV Lab Pro runs on your own server, which means you have full control over the privacy of your data. It is a secure Web Based, Self-Hosted Platform.
A user-friendly graphic interface allows you to manage the entire database without needing any server knowledge.

CPV Lab Pro - Enterprise-Class Mobile Data

Enterprise-Class Mobile Data

Over 35+ Mobile Data Points to track and optimize campaign performance by Device, Brands, Browser, OS, ISP/Carrier.
Automatic weekly updates of the Device Detection Database.

CPV Lab Pro - Live Switch Technology

Live Switch Technology

Automatic Cookie & Cookie-Less Tracking for Continued Cookie Support, all while tracking visitors with cookies Disabled. No extra-configuration needed to switch between cookie & cookie-less tracking.

Integrated with all major Networks

CPV Lab Pro comes integrated with all major Traffic Sources and Affiliate Networks.

This means that you only need to choose the Networks that you want to use and they will get automatically configured!

Who is CPV Lab Pro ad tracker for?

As an affiliate tracking software, CPV Lab Pro is for you if:

  • you run ads like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, paid, organic and all in between
  • you have products or offers on the market
  • you promote products or offers from other advertisers

AND you wish to:

  • Track conversions & sales to extremely detailed levels
  • Test landing pages, keywords, ads, creatives and offers
  • Optimize your campaigns and audiences to increase ROI


Whether you sell physical or digital products, single products or full catalogs, everything can be tracked. Easily split test promotion pages, discount and sale offers and see their performance.


Quickly setup campaigns, validate new tests & easily clone campaigns for new traffic sources or segment traffic for massive scaling. Increase commisions and sales by improving targeting.


Lead generation and direct response offers are a perfect fit!
Setup such campaigns with a few clicks and then optimize full conversion paths every step of the way.


Agencies and Networks can integrate the tracking platform into their business and they receive discounts on bulk license purchases. We offer flexible licensing solutions to fit your needs.

Here's some of what our users have to say

"My name is Stephen McKerrell of Sydney, Australia. I am someone who is very interested in CPA Marketing + being a person who is just starting in that area I wanted to get the best possible tools I could use and so I purchased CPV Lab Pro 5.0, and MV Lab-a multivariate testing for landing pages. Their software is excellent but what I want to talk about here is the support that occurs there.

Their support + customer service has been just great. One person named Dan was so helpful - he went out of his way beyond what could be normally expected to solve problems I was personally having. I had many issues and questions and they were solved in short order by their support tickets or chat Dan being the support agent I dealt with. I almost couldn't believe it. It's one thing having good software but when you get support like I got well I can't recommend them highly enough."

Stephen McKerrell

CPA Marketing

"Being a user of CPV LAB PRO has been all that I thought it would be. Amazing consistent daily CPA conversions and sales. This is super deep tracking tool. Highly recommended for everybody who is looking for a high quality supper Affiliate tracking Tool for CPA marketing success."

Not only is CPV LAB PRO software excellent, but the support team is great... Any issues or questions I have had have been answered within 2 minutes using their Email Support. I can't recommend Post CPV LAB PRO highly enough.. It's all about the support and it's all about customer service and these guys have it!... 24/7!!!.

Lewis Iyaogeh

"I tested plenty of ad trackers in my experience, but CPV Lab is my all-time favorite! It's easy to use and it covers my need to test and compare multiple traffic sources, landing pages, and creatives."

Sophia MacGregor


"It will make you more productive, help you optimize your campaigns, and save you so much time doing it you will be dumbfounded. I know this review might come out sounding like a sales letter, but I have never been so impressed with a piece of software in this industry, ever."

Josh Todd

Inside Affiliate & Affiliate Manager

"It has changed my business... which in turn has changed my life... Today I am able to determine the exact data I need with a quick glimpse of my stats page and I now with an extra 2 hours a day I can 1) build more camps and grow my business or 2) spend more time with my family."


Affiliate Marketing

"CPV Lab made it faster and easier to quickly test and optimize a huge variety of campaign types. I spend less time analyzing data and more time testing new offers."

Chris Powell


"CPV marketing is all about testing & optimizing your campaigns. CPV Lab in my experience offers the easiest, most efficient, way of changing out landing pages, testing mixed DL and LP based campaigns, and reviewing target ROI. I look forward to future updates."


Agency Manager

"My experience with CPV Lab Pro has been great! I believe that they're reasonably priced, and even using their free version enabled me to learn the skill of tracking online marketing campaigns. I'm not very tech savvy at all, so I'm really glad that I can send their support team emails and get quick responses. I've literally sent them email after email after email asking tech-related questions. Julia from CPV Lab Pro has always been phenomenal in responding in a timely manner. Thank you, CPV Lab Pro!"

David Hoang

Affiliate Marketer

Want to increase your revenue through Affiliate Marketing? You can!

Step #1: signup & download the FREE trial for CPV Lab Pro here
Step #2: setup your campaigns with your landing pages & offers
Step #3: track every conversion it generates

If you can link it, you can track it! Every click & every conversion, NO LIMITS!

This is a set & forget tool: once your affiliate campaigns are set and deployed, all you need to do is check the stats every now and then to see how it works for you.

What can you do with CPV Lab Pro?

Here are some unique features you'll find extremely useful once you're set up

CPV Lab Pro Tracker Unlimited Everything Policy

Unlimited EVERYTHING Policy
We don't like limits and restrictions here at CPV Lab Pro, that's why we only offer Unlimited Plans. Pay once and use the tracker for as long as you wish.

  • Define unlimited campaigns and ads
  • Use unlimited landing pages and offers
  • Track unlimited clicks, conversions, leads, actions
  • Setup unlimited redirect profiles
  • Unlimited data retention

Facebook CAPI integration
If you run Facebook Campaigns then you need accurate information available in Facebook Business Manager.
CPV Lab Pro will track everything for you and then it will send back information about your conversions to Facebook through the Conversion API (CAPI).
The integration between Facebook CAPI and your tracker is done in a few easy steps and after that your purchase events will be correctly registered in Facebook so you can better optimize your campaigns.

CPV Lab Pro Tracker Detailed Lab Stats Reports

Detailed "Lab Stats" & Reports
All kind of reports to see what Keywords, Placements, Ads are performing in your campaigns.
Learn when you need to pause Keywords and Ads and when you should increase traffic for them in order to grow profits. Just check your reports and optimize your campaigns! Data are here for you to use!

Endless Views & Filters
Get endless views and filters in 20+ report pages. View, sort, filter, aggregate data in any way you need to get a deeper understanding of your visitors.

CPV Lab Pro Tracker More Information More Money

More Information = More Money
You get access to extensive information about your visitors, such as:

  • Mobile device details, Operating System, Carrier, Language
  • Impressions, Visits, Clicks, Leads & Conversions
  • Custom Tokens from Traffic Sources & Affiliate Networks

Discover More
MV Lab Multivariate Testing Tool

Multivariate Testing made easy
Use our MV Lab tool to perform Multivariate Testing of your landing pages easily.

You will be able to test multiple variations of the same Landing Page without having to make copies of the page. The tool goes much further than a traditional A/B split-test and allows endless variations of your Landing Page in order to identify the variations that work.

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CPV Lab Pro Tracker Avesone Support Help Desk

Awesome Support!
We have one of the best Support Teams ever! You will get effective, fast and knowledgeable assistance with your affiliate campaigns and funnels.

Don't worry about the install, we can perform the install for you! We can even setup campaigns for you! Just ask us!









Available Campaign Types

Direct Link & Landing Page

Easily rotate unlimited landing pages and offers, plus quickly test the effectiveness of landing pages vs. direct linking using a single campaign.

Landing Page Sequence

Build funnels and lead paths instead of the "traditional" direct link or simple landing page. CPV Lab Pro allows you to create multi-page visitor sequences, featuring opt-ins and multiple offers.

Lead Capture

Test multiple lead capture pages using only 1 autoresponder form and quickly see Subscribers, Subscriber Rate and Cost Per Subscriber in real-time.

Multiple Option

Quickly test multiple offers from 1 landing page. Great for review style landing pages or when adding Downsells and Upsells to a primary offer.

Multiple Path

Setup multiple pages and offers combinations to easily run themed paths, then rotate and control each path to determine the top performer.

Email Follow-Up

Track campaign links in your email follow-ups and assign revenue to the initial "optin" campaign to easily determine the effectiveness and profitability of your email marketing efforts.

What can CPV Lab Pro track?

All of Your Traffic Sources in One Central Platform, with lots of information to help you in your business. If you can place a simple link... you can track it!

  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Cost Per View (CPV)
  • Cost Per Mille (CPM)
  • Organic Traffic
  • Media Buys
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Link Placements
  • Social Ads
  • Retargeting
  • In-Text Ads
  • Native Ads

What do you need to start?

In order to run CPV Lab Pro you need the following server options. These are standard on most hosting providers.

  • Linux Server - VPS or Dedicated Recommended
  • PHP Version 5.6 - PHP 7.4
  • MySQL Version 5.5.3 or above
  • ionCube Loader 10.2 or above
  • Minimum 100MB of Disk Space

So what are you waiting for?

Start using CPV Lab Pro ad tracking system and get the best out of your affiliate marketing!

Enjoy all the benefits and take advantage of a great tool for Affiliate Marketing!

Start your 14 day trial risk-free!



  • FAQ What is CPV Lab Pro? What is CPV Lab Pro?
  • CPV Lab Pro is a self-hosted, web-based ad tracking platform designed to help you easily track and optimize all of your marketing activities and campaigns from virtually any traffic source.
    You can track Pay Per Click, CPV, Banners... if you can place a simple link, you can track it.
  • FAQ What can I track with CPV Lab Pro? What can I track with CPV Lab Pro?
  • Everything!
    You can track traffic from All of Your Traffic Sources in One Central Platform, with lots of information to help you in your business. Use the predefiend traffic sources or add custom ones.
    You can track both organic and paid traffic, no matter the source!
    We support Pay Per Click, Cost Per View, Organic Traffic, Media Buys, Email Marketing, Mobile Ads, Video Ads, Link Placements, Social Ads, Retargeting, In-Text Ads, Native Ads and much more.
  • FAQ How many clicks (events) can I track? How many clicks (events) can I track?
  • You can track an unlimited number of clicks or events with CPV Lab Pro. We only offer unlimited plans that come without any click count restrictions. When you have profitable campaigns, brings as much traffic as you can to them.
    We believe that it's unfair to apply click count restrictions, so we won't do that.
  • FAQ How much Traffic can CPV Lab Pro handle? How much Traffic can CPV Lab Pro handle?
  • CPV Lab Pro can handle very large amounts of incoming traffic, but this depends mainly on the server resources. With our "TrueCache" feature we offer customizable options for high traffic users.
    CPV Lab Pro can run Millions of Visitors per day, as long as you have the hosting resources for this.
    Whether you run 1 million visitors per month or 100+ million visitors per month... all you need is CPV Lab Pro and a properly configured server.
  • FAQ Does CPV Lab Pro work for mobile tracking? Does CPV Lab Pro work for mobile tracking?
  • Absolutely!
    We feature Enterprise-Level Mobile Detection, with over 20 Mobile Data Points. You also receive Automatic Weekly Device and Browser Detection Database Updates.
  • FAQ Can I get a free trial? Can I get a free trial?
  • Sure, you can have a 14 days trial on your server to test all CPV Lab Pro features. Sign up on the free trial of CPV Lab page.
  • FAQ Can I track Google Ads, Microsoft (Bing) Ads or Facebook Ads? Can I track Google Ads, Microsoft (Bing) Ads or Facebook Ads?
  • Of course you can!
    We have Google Ads, Microsoft (Bing) Ads, Facebook Ads and all major Traffic Sources predefined in CPV Lab Pro.
    For sources that require a no-redirect policy (like Google Ads or Facebook Ads) we also have a dedicated Landing Page pixel that will perform all the tracking inside the page, so you will redirect from the Traffic Source directly to the Landing Page, without any redirects.
  • FAQ Which affiliate networks does CPV Lab Pro work with? Which affiliate networks does CPV Lab Pro work with?
  • CPV Lab Pro can work with most affiliate networks out there. It comes with many Affiliate Networks already predefined which are ready to be used and you can also define new ones based on your needs.
  • FAQ Can I use CPV Lab Pro from a Smartphone or Tablet? Can I use CPV Lab Pro from a Smartphone or Tablet?
  • Yes, you can access your CPV Lab Pro Interface from any device! It is fully responsive!
  • FAQ Do I have to pay to use the API? Do I have to pay to use the API?
  • The API is free for Pro and Expert plans. Starter plan doesn't have API access included as this is something for more advanced marketers to use.
    Check the API documentation for more information on how to use the API.
  • FAQ How can I learn how to use CPV Lab Pro? How can I learn how to use CPV Lab Pro?
  • We offer an extensive CPV Lab Pro Online Documentation complete with Use Cases which is frequently updated.
    We are also constantly adding new Video Tutorials on the CPV Lab Pro YouTube channel.
  • FAQ What type of support you provide? What type of support you provide?
  • We have an excellent Support Team which can help you with anything, from installation to campaign setup. We guarantee very fast response times!
    Just submit a ticket in the CPV Lab Pro Help Desk and it will be handled quickly by our support team. The working hours are: every day from 7 AM GMT to 9 PM GMT.
  • FAQ What if I want to migrate campaigns from another tracker? What if I want to migrate campaigns from another tracker?
  • If you want to migrate from an existing tracker, we will be glad to help you with your existing campaigns.
    Just let us know by fulfilling the contact form and we will work something together ;)
  • FAQ How can I pay for CPV Lab Pro? How can I pay for CPV Lab Pro?
  • We use PayPal as the payment processor and you can pay with PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club International, Discover Network.
    We have recently added 2 new payment methods: Skrill and Bitcoin (BTC).

    All transactions are secure and protected with SSL certificate.
    If you need a different type of payment method, let us know by completing the contact form.
  • FAQ Do you offer a money-back guarantee? Do you offer a money-back guarantee?
  • Yes!
    You can try CPV Lab Pro for 30 days Risk Free!
    If for any reason you feel CPV Lab Pro hasn't helped your marketing or just that it isn't for you, just send us an email or ticket and we will proceed with the refund.
  • FAQ Is the lifetime plan a one time payment? Is the lifetime plan a one time payment?
  • Yes, it is.
    For the lifetime plan you pay once and that is all.
    This plan includes every update to CPV Lab Pro V8.X, but it does not include upgrades to future versions of the software beyond CPV Lab Pro V8.
    You can use your CPV Lab Pro version for as long as you wish.
  • FAQ Can I cancel my subscription paln? Can I cancel my subscription paln?
  • Yes, you can unsubscribe whenever you want and no more automatic payments will be processed.
  • FAQ How does license renewal work? How does license renewal work?
  • All subscription plans have an automatic renewal which can be canceled at any time.
    The lifetime plan is a one time payment!
  • FAQ What do I need to install CPV Lab Pro? What do I need to install CPV Lab Pro?
  • The CPV Lab Pro install is easy and you don't need technical knowledge for this. We provide a video tutorial for the install process and also detailed documentation.
    The server requirements are:
    • Linux Server - VPS or Dedicated Recommended
    • PHP Version 5.6 - PHP 7.4
    • MySQL Version 5.5.3 or above
    • ionCube Loader 10.2 or above
    • Minimum 100MB of Disk Space
  • FAQ Do I need to purchase hosting? Do I need to purchase hosting?
  • Yes. CPV Lab Pro is a self-hosted platform, so you need a server to install on.
    We recommend VPS hosting for medium and high traffic figures, while a regular hosting will also work for small traffic figures.
  • FAQ Do I need a domain name for CPV Lab Pro? Do I need a domain name for CPV Lab Pro?
  • Yes. You need a domain or a sub-domain that will be assigned to your CPV Lab Pro instance.
    The domain type doesn't matter and domain prices are very cheap these days.
  • FAQ Can I have somebody help me with the install? Can I have somebody help me with the install?
  • Yes, our team can help you with the install and initial configuration without any additional cost.
  • FAQ Can I install CPV Lab Pro on more than one domain? Can I install CPV Lab Pro on more than one domain?
  • 1 CPV Lab Pro license = 1 instance of CPV Lab Pro.
    However, if you want another instance of CPV Lab Pro, you can get an additional license with $99 from the CPV Lab Pro Additional Licenses page.
    One instance of CPV Lab Pro can track an unlimited number of domains and it also can have up to 100 custom domains setup for it.
  • FAQ Does CPV Lab Pro run on nginx?  Does CPV Lab Pro run on nginx?
  • Yes, as long as all other server requirements are met.
    • Linux Server - VPS or Dedicated Recommended
    • PHP Version 5.6 - PHP 7.4
    • MySQL Version 5.5.3 or above
    • ionCube Loader 10.2 or above
    • Minimum 100MB of Disk Space
  • FAQ For how long do I get support for the lifetime license? For how long do I get support for the lifetime license?
  • You get support included in the lifetime license up to the moment when we release 4 more new major versions.
    For example, if you have Version 8, then you will get support until we release Version 12.
    This is because we constantly update the software and we consider older versions deprecated once 4 new major versions are released.

New version released

We just released the latest CPV Lab Pro 8.1 with a brand new responsive interface and improved user experience and Facebook CAPI integration!

Check the Version History page to find more details about the latest features.

CPV Lab Pro version 8.0 features

Start your 14-Day free trial of CPV Lab Pro today and optimize your campaigns!

Need help with the installation process? We are here! Real humans, guiding you step by step.

Our clients say we are one of the best customer support they ever experienced.

Well, we have to agree 😃

Join the ever growing list of successful people that use CPV Lab Pro everyday!

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