CPV Lab Pro Tracker

The new and improved version of the popular self-hosted tracking tool CPV Lab

TRACK, TEST & OPTIMIZE all of your marketing with a powerful tracker!

MORE TIME - gain time in searching for Stats with this all-in-one Central Platform.
SECURE - Maintain control and keep your data private on your own server.
PROFESSIONAL - can easily handle everything from the simplicity of Direct Linking
to advanced Campaign Funnels and Lead Paths.

CPV Lab Pro Campaign Tracker

CPV Lab Pro 7.0 has just been released bringing a bunch on new features and improvements in the tracking process.
Start your 30-day free trial of CPV Lab Pro today and check all its features!
We are always ready to assist with your campaigns and to offer professional support.

Some of the latest features added in CPV Lab Pro 7.0:

Enhanced tracking both with and without cookies
Tracking algorithm that switches automatically between cookie and cookie-less tracking based on visitors' browser capabilities. 100% compliant with the recent Chrome 80 changes in third party cookies.

Multi-user access
Define new users with different roles that can access only specific campaigns from your CPV Lab Pro instance.

Google Ads Integration
Track Google Ads campaigns with a "no-redirect" tracking method which complies with the Parallel Tracking requirements.
Then send conversion details automatically to your Google Ads account, no need to provide the Google Ads credentials.

Email Notifications
Receive automatic notifications when your targets are not profitable or when your campaign reached a specific number of visitors in your campaings.

MV Lab Multivariate Testing Tool
Multivariate testing tool designed to make it easier to test endless variations (texts, images, colors etc) of your Landing Page in order to identify the variations that work.

Track any cost model
CPV Lab Pro can track any cost model from Traffic Source: CPV, CPC or CPM. You have options to get costs directly from the Traffic Source or to update costs already registered.

Bot Traffic Tracking and Blocking
Keep track of Bot Traffic in your campaigns or redirect Bot Traffic away from your offers with the configurable options available in CPV Lab Pro.

Cloaking Options
Hide your tracking links and affiliate links from visitors by using the included Cloaking features.

Redirect Methods & Hiding/Blanking/Faking referrers
Multiple redirect methods that can Hide visitors' Referrers from the networks in order to keep your traffic source private.

Features to Comply with the GDPR & CCPA Regulations
Multiple options to handle traffic from the European Union in relation to the GDPR regulations and from California in relation to the CCPA (The California Consumer Privacy Act) regulations.

CPV Lab Pro version 7 Features Summary

Why Is CPV Lab Pro Special?

CPV Lab Pro - Self-Hosted & Secure Tracker

Self-Hosted & Secure

CPV Lab Pro runs on your own server, which means you have the control on the privacy of your data. It is a secure Web Based, Self-Hosted Platform.
A user-friendly graphic interface allows you to manage the entire database without needing any server knowledge.

CPV Lab Pro - Track & Optimize Everything

Track & Optimize Everything

Track, Test and Optimize campaigns across multiple traffic sources with full "On-the-Fly" control and Virtually Unlimited Flexibility.
Campaign setups that can be easily adjusted based on previous results and findings.

CPV Lab Pro - Heavy Traffic Ready

Heavy Traffic Ready

Customizable Performance Enhancements for High-Traffic Users, Responsive Stats Interface and UltraFast Redirects during Peak Usage. Dedicated module with optimizations included for instances with heavy traffic.

CPV Lab Pro - Easy to Use & Integrate

Easy to Use & Integrate

To setup CPV Lab Pro you don't need to be a programmer. The setup is so simple that you can easily enjoy all of CPV Lab Pro functionalities. You can setup your first campaign in just a few minutes.

CPV Lab Pro - Enterprise-Class Mobile Data

Enterprise-Class Mobile Data

Over 35+ Mobile Data Points to track and optimize campaign performance by Device, Brands, Browser, OS, ISP/Carrier.
Automatic weekly updates of the Device Detection Database.

CPV Lab Pro - Live Switch Technology

Live Switch Technology

Automatic Cookie & Cookie-Less Tracking for Continued Cookie Support, all while tracking visitors with cookies Disabled. No extra-configuration needed to switch between cookie & cookie-less tracking.









What can I do with CPV Lab Pro?

Here are some unique features you'll find extremely useful, once you're set up

CPV Lab Pro Tracker Campaigns List Page

Detailed "Lab Stats" & Reports
In-Depth data for all campaigns including Ads, Keywords, Pages and Offers along with Detailed Revenue Data to quickly Optimize Profits and ROI.
With 20+ Click, Conversion & Revenue Metrics.

Unlimited Ads & Creatives
Setup an unlimited number of Ads and then view Stats for Individual Ads for any combination of Keyword, Page, Offer and more.

Unlimited Page & Offer Rotation
Add New or Edit Pages and Offers in rotation with No Coding, everything is done in the campaign setup page. Use a simple interface to Quickly Adjust Rotation attributes on the Fly, in Real-Time.

"IF/THEN" Click Redirects
Quickly Segment and Redirect Visitors based on multiple conditions such as Geography, ISP/Carrier, User Agent and even Mobile and Usability Conditions to ensure your visitors can view and interact with your pages.

GEO-Stats and Details
Easily View and Filter Campaign Data to Spot the Most Profitable visitor location, and with 1-Click Drill Down into any Selected GEO to view detailed performance reports for the region or area.

Complete Pixel and Postback Management
All Pixel & Postback Formats are supported.
Image, iFrame, Script Based and Postback URLs and our Nested Pixel Feature allows you to Trigger Additional Pixels and pass Token Data to other systems you are using with CPV Lab Pro.

API (Application Programming Interface)
Pass data from CPV Lab Pro to external tools or applications and use that data programmatically. Manage your landing pages, offers and campaigns programmatically through the API.

Support for PHP up to version 7.4
CPV Lab Pro now takes advantage of the latest PHP 7 versions and the improvements that they bring. This will offer increased redirect speeds and faster database access.
Supported PHP versions are 5.6 to 7.4.

CPV Lab Pro Tracker Visitor Trends Heatmap Report

Endless views and filters in 20+ Report pages

View, sort, filter, aggregate data in any way you need to help understand visitors

CPV Lab Pro Tracker Stats & Reports Sections

Campaign Dashboard
View all your Campaigns, Clone Existing campaigns or Export campaign Setups as CSV files for Offline Editing. Everything gets done with a single click in this page.

Live View "Visitor Stats"
Quickly view information about your visitors for Any or All campaigns by checking Click, Conversion, GEO, Referrers, User Agent & Revenue Data.

Customizable Stats Views
The multi-view Stats page allows unlimited combinations to display the most relevant data for you. Save your Favorite and Most Used Views to Get the Data you need to make Optimization Decisions Quickly.

Detailed "Buyer" Stats
View Complete Data for each Conversion including Date/Time, IP Address, Geographical data, Revenue, SubID, Referrer, User Agent and more.

Custom Tokens
Add up to 10 custom tokens supported by your Traffic Sources, CRM, Cart or Autoresponder to Easily Pass & Cross-Reference Data.

Capture Referrers
View Stats by Referrer and Use Custom Referrer Categories to spot for potential verticals of interest to Expand Targeting. More than 20 pre-defined referrer categories with option to create your own categories.

Mobile Devices & Carriers Reports & Optimizations

Track & Optimize Mobile Data with a Wide-Range of Perspectives, Options & Filters

CPV Lab Pro Tracker Mobile Device Report

Mobile Audience Overview
Easily Identify Top Performing Mobile Capabilities such as Video Support, Data Rates, Mobile OS, Screen Resolutions and the impact they have on the profitability of the campaign.

Mobile Content Supported
Identify the content your visitors can actually watch or read on their device, including file types and messaging options supported. Know how to optimize your landing pages based on the visitor attributes.

Mobile Device Usage Data
A unique data set that allows you to view your Stats by Devices Supporting Dual Orientation Display, Type of Pointing Method Visitors are using Touch, ClickWheel, and more.

Mobile Browser & Features Supported
View Profitability by Popular Browsers, and Drill-Down in your Stats to Identify Potential Performance and Segmenting Opportunities by "Features Supported".

Break-Out Stats
Ads, Landing Pages, Opt-In Pages, Offers, Emails & the Overall Campaign in a one-page easy to view format.

Opt-In & Lead Tracking
Track Opt-Ins and Leads when using Double Opt-In, Single Opt-In, or When No Confirmation Page is Used. All scenarios are covered in CPV Lab Pro.

Engagement Metrics
See how visitors interact with your landing pages and the time spent before converting on the page.

But Wait, There's More! Much More!

See other features that make CPV Lab Pro a unique tool and a must-have for any business.

Who Can Use CPV Lab Pro?

CPV Lab Pro is for you if you have Products or Offers on the market or if you promote products/offers from other advertisers and you wish to:
- Track Conversions & Sales to extremely Detailed Levels
- Testing and Optimizing Landing Pages, Keywords, Ads, Creatives and Offers.


Whether you sell Physical or Digital Products, Single Products or Full Catalogs, everything can be tracked. Easily Split Test promotion pages, discount and sale offers and see their performance.


Quickly Setup campaigns, Validate New Tests & Easily Clone Campaigns for New Traffic sources or Segment Traffic for massive scaling. Increase commisions and sales by improving targeting.


Lead Generation and Direct Response Offers are a Perfect Fit!
Setup such campaigns with a few clicks and then Optimize Full Conversion Paths every step of the way.


Agencies and Networks can integrate the tracking platform into their business and they receive discounts on bulk license purchases. We offer flexible licensing solutions to fit your needs.

Are you ready for your CPV Lab Pro journey?

Improve your campaigns and increase ROI & Profits by optimizing your audiences.
Take advantage of the powerful CPV Lab Pro tracker at a great price!

What Campaign Types Are Available in CPV Lab Pro?

Direct Link & Landing Page

Easily Rotate Unlimited Landing Page and Offers, plus quickly Test the Effectiveness of Landing Pages vs. Direct Linking from 1 Campaign.

Landing Page Sequence

Build Funnels and Lead Paths…instead of the "traditional" direct link or simple landing page. CPV Lab Pro allows you to create multi-page visitor sequences, featuring opt-ins and multiple offers.

Lead Capture

Test multiple lead capture pages using only 1 autoresponder form and Quickly See Subscribers, Subscriber Rate and Cost Per Subscriber in Real-Time.

Multiple Option

Quickly test multiple offers from 1 landing page. Great for review style landing pages for adding Downsells and Upsells to a Primary Offer.

Multiple Path

Setup Multiple Page and Offer Combinations to easily run themed paths, then rotate and control each path to determine the top performer.

Email Follow-Up

Track campaign links in your email follow-ups and assign revenue to the initial "optin" campaign to easily determine the effectiveness and profitability of your email marketing efforts.

What Can CPV Lab Pro Track?

All of Your Traffic Sources in One Central Platform, with lots of information to help you in your business. If you can place a simple link... you can track it!

  • Pay Per Click
  • Cost Per View
  • Organic Traffic
  • Media Buys
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Link Placements
  • Social Ads
  • Retargeting
  • In-Text Ads
  • Native Ads

What Do I Need To Start?

In order to run CPV Lab Pro you need the following server options. These are standard on most hosting providers.

  • Linux Server - VPS or Dedicated Recommended
  • PHP Version 5.6 - PHP 7.4
  • MySQL Version 5.5.3 or above
  • ionCube Loader 10.2 or above
  • Minimum 100MB of Disk Space
  • Ability to setup CRON jobs on the server

Don't know what Hosting Package to choose?

No problem! We have EXCLUSIVE deals with Quality Hosting Companies that provide multiple Hosting Options just for our users! Check out the CPV Lab Pro Partners in the dedicated page.


"My name is Stephen McKerrell of Sydney, Australia. I am someone who is very interested in CPA Marketing + being a person who is just starting in that area I wanted to get the best possible tools I could use and so I purchased CPV Lab Pro 5.0, and MV Lab-a multivariate testing for landing pages. Their software is excellent but what I want to talk about here is the support that occurs there.

Their support + customer service has been just great. One person named Dan was so helpful - he went out of his way beyond what could be normally expected to solve problems I was personally having. I had many issues and questions and they were solved in short order by their support tickets or chat Dan being the support agent I dealt with. I almost couldn't believe it. It's one thing having good software but when you get support like I got well I can't recommend them highly enough."

Stephen McKerrell

CPA Marketing

"Being a user of CPV LAB PRO has been all that I thought it would be. Amazing consistent daily CPA conversions and sales. This is super deep tracking tool. Highly recommended for everybody who is looking for a high quality supper Affiliate tracking Tool for CPA marketing success."

Not only is CPV LAB PRO software excellent, but the support team is great... Any issues or questions I have had have been answered within 2 minutes using their Email Support. I can't recommend Post CPV LAB PRO highly enough.. It's all about the support and it's all about customer service and these guys have it!... 24/7!!!.

Lewis Iyaogeh


"I tested plenty of ad trackers in my experience, but CPV Lab is my all-time favorite! It's easy to use and it covers my need to test and compare multiple traffic sources, landing pages, and creatives."

Sophia MacGregor


"It will make you more productive, help you optimize your campaigns, and save you so much time doing it you will be dumbfounded. I know this review might come out sounding like a sales letter, but I have never been so impressed with a piece of software in this industry, ever."

Josh Todd

Inside Affiliate & Affiliate Manager

"It has changed my business... which in turn has changed my life... Today I am able to determine the exact data I need with a quick glimpse of my stats page and I now with an extra 2 hours a day I can 1) build more camps and grow my business or 2) spend more time with my family."


Affiliate Marketing

"CPV Lab made it faster and easier to quickly test and optimize a huge variety of campaign types. I spend less time analyzing data and more time testing new offers."

Chris Powell


"CPV marketing is all about testing & optimizing your campaigns. CPV Lab in my experience offers the easiest, most efficient, way of changing out landing pages, testing mixed DL and LP based campaigns, and reviewing target ROI. I look forward to future updates."


Agency Manager

Join the ever growing list of successful people that use CPV Lab Pro on a daily basis!

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