Additional License

If you want to install a new CPV Lab Pro instance while keeping the existing instances, then you need to get an additional license.

An additional license costs only $79 and allows you to install the maximum version permitted by your main license.
Advantages of installing a new instance of CPV Lab Pro:

  • split traffic to multiple servers and multiple databases (useful when running large traffic figures)
  • keep your campaigns more organized by grouping them into multiple instances (useful when having many campaigns)
  • allow access to specific campaigns for your employees or partners, while keeping other campaigns private in a different instance
  • use an instance as an "archive" for historical data, while current traffic is tracked in a separate instance
  • option to combine tracking links from multiple campaigns in the same Landing Pages

License Email (from "license/license.php" file in your install):
Contact Email (optional, only if different than the License Email):
Number of Additional Licenses:

If you encounter any issues during the process, feel free to contact us in the Support Area:   

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