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Compare CPV Lab alternatives

Comparison of ad trackers and attribution platforms
used by affiliate marketers and media buyers

The best way to track, test and optimize your
campaigns is by using an ad tracker.

If you are doing affiliate marketing or you are a media buyer, you know that using
affiliate tracking software can make the difference between failure and success for your campaigns.
Check how CPV Lab compares with the competition and why CPV Lab is the best conversion tracker.

How can you handle your campaigns?

Let's compare the 3 ways you can manage your campaigns


Not using a tracker

For sure this is an option... if you want to waste your marketing budget! Or if you don't know anything about affiliate marketing!

Not tracking means you are running blind and waiting to get lucky. Surely you don't want that!
Tracking is the ONLY way to get data and optimize your campaigns!

Cloud based

Using a cloud based tracker

Cloud based conversion trackers are popular and easy to start working with... But Keep in mind that you have to pay monthly + you have to pay extra when you get more traffic for your campaigns.

The main advantage with the cloud based marketing trackers is that you have no maintenance stress with your hosting.

CPV One is the best cloud based affiliate marketing tracker as it offers:
- UNLIMITED events tracked
- NO STRESS with server maintenance

Self hosted

Use a self-hosted tracker

Use a self-hosted ad tracker and win the game of affiliate marketing!

With CPV Lab Pro you can pay just ONCE and get:
- a LIFETIME license
- get UNLIMITED events tracked
- Keep your data SAFE and for as long as you wish on your server!

An All-in-one tool to manage all your marketing campaigns!

So what are you waiting for?

Start using CPV Lab ad tracking system and get the best out of your affiliate marketing!

Enjoy all the benefits and take advantage of a great tool for Affiliate Marketing!

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