Version History

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Features added in CPV Lab Pro 7.0 - September 2020:

Enhanced tracking both with and without cookies
Tracking algorithm that switches automatically between cookie and cookie-less tracking based on visitors' browser capabilities. 100% compliant with the recent Chrome 80 changes in third party cookies.

Multi-user access
Define new users with different roles that can access only specific campaigns from your CPV Lab Pro instance.

Email Notifications
Receive automatic notifications when your targets are not profitable or when your campaign reached a specific number of visitors in your campaings.

Increased number of Extra Tokens
Capture even more metrics from your Traffic Source or from MV Lab in order to have more data available when optimizing campaigns.

Track any cost model
CPV Lab Pro can track any cost model from Traffic Source: CPV, CPC or CPM. You have options to get costs directly from the Traffic Source or to update costs already registered.

Auto-assign Page IDs
Landing Page IDs & Offer IDs can be automatically assigned in order to save time when creating campaigns.

New Tokens added
More tokens that can be added in the Landing Page & Offer URLs to pass data from CPV Lab Pro to your pages.

PHP 7.4 Support
Support and optimizations for PHP 7.4, which makes CPV Lab Pro redirects work faster than ever.

CPV Lab Pro version 7 Features Summary

Features added in CPV Lab Pro 6.0 & 6.1 - February 2020:

Landing Page Protection Script
Protect your landers from spy tools by making them accessible only to desired visitors.

Google Ads Integration
Track Google Ads campaigns with a "no-redirect" tracking method which complies with the Parallel Tracking requirements.
Then send conversion details automatically to your Google Ads account, no need to provide the Google Ads credentials.

Traffic Sources and Affiliate Networks Catalog
CPV Lab Pro integrates with all major Traffic Sources and Offer Sources (Affiliate Networks) in order to save time when setting up campaigns. Import the desired network in 2 clicks and start your campaign!

MV Lab Multivariate Testing Tool
Multivariate testing tool designed to make it easier to test endless variations (texts, images, colors etc) of your Landing Page in order to identify the variations that work.

Support for Parallel Tracking from Google Ads
CPV Lab Pro can track Google Ads (Adwords) campaigns using the new Parallel Tracking model.
Visitors are sent directly from Google to the Landing Page, without an interim redirect page.

Bot Traffic Tracking and Blocking
Keep track of Bot Traffic in your campaigns or redirect Bot Traffic away from your offers with the configurable options available in CPV Lab Pro.

Cloaking Options
Hide your tracking links and affiliate links from visitors by using the included Cloaking features.

Redirect Methods & Hiding/Blanking/Faking referrers
Multiple redirect methods that can Hide visitors' Referrers from the networks in order to keep your traffic source private.

Features to Comply with the GDPR & CCPA Regulations
Multiple options to handle traffic from the European Union in relation to the GDPR regulations and from California in relation to the CCPA (The California Consumer Privacy Act) regulations.

CPV Lab Pro version 6 Features Summary