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You have the most used 2 campaign types from CPV Lab Pro available, unlimited clicks & conversions tracking and more than 100 Traffic Sources and Affiliate Networks integrated (including Google Ads, Bing/Microsoft Ads, Facebook Ads).

Capture more than 20 data metrics from your visitors and optimize your campaigns using the detailed reports provided in CPV Lab Starter. Complete documentation, video tutorials and support in our Help Desk are all included.

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CPV Lab Pro Starter

2 Campaign Types to get started in Affiliate Marketing
Use the Starter Plan to track your campaigns
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  • Direct Link & Landing Page campaigns
  • Email Follow-Up campaigns
  • 10+ Reports
  • 20+ data points including Mobile & Desktop Metrics
  • 50+ Traffic Sources integrated
  • 50+ Affiliate Networks integrated through Postback URL & Tracking Pixel
  • Unlimited Clicks and Actions Tracking
  • Data history - as long as you wish, it's your database!
  • LP Pixel (No-redirect tracking) used to track organic traffic to your pages and in Google Ads & Facebook Ads campaigns
  • Real Time Stats and Reports, easy customizable to show what you want
  • User Guides and Video Tutorials
  • Responsive Customer Support


"CPV LAB Starter was so easy to install! The team was there for me every step of the way. I got to set up my first campaign within an hour. I'll definitely try the PRO version as well. Great team and super friendly platform!"

Joshua Smith

Affiliate Marketing Junior

"I honestly didn't believe I could find everything in just one tool: great, detailed reports, page & offer rotation, e-mail follow-up, and so on. It’s just awesome for anyone who is trying to make their affiliate marketing gig go to the next level. And it is all FREE!"

Tarek Garcia

Affiliate Marketing Specialist

"I love CPV because it lets me track all of my campaigns in one place. Handling so much information can be overwhelming for an advertiser, but the Starter plan just offers me great reports that I can use to optimize my ads and increase my overall conversions!"

Colin Mathews


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